Missile Vs. Missile

Missile Vs. Missile

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Female soldiers from 1st Brigade Combat
Team, 101st Airborne Division,
Fort Campbell, Ky.
Military leaders are ready to begin tearing down the remaining walls that have prevented women from holding thousands of combat and special operations jobs near the front lines.

Under details of the plans obtained by The Associated Press, women could start training as Army Rangers by mid-2015 and as Navy SEALs a year later.

The military services have mapped out a schedule that also will include reviewing and possibly changing the physical and mental standards that men and women will have to meet in order to qualify for certain infantry, armor, commando and other front-line positions across the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. Under the plans to be introduced Tuesday, there would be one common standard for men and women for each job. 

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel reviewed the plans and has ordered the services to move ahead.
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  The Lone Star Lady,
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