Missile Vs. Missile

Missile Vs. Missile

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


In 2007, Nancy Pelosi raised eyebrows when she demanded that the previous House speaker's airplane be scrapped for a much bigger one, the size of a Boeing 757. Pelosi claimed that she merely wanted to avoid having to refuel between Washington and San Francisco, where she lives.

Last year, more eyebrows were raised when it was learned that Pelosi was using the US Air Force as her own personal airline, commandeering a fleet of jets to shuttle her family and staff. Her underlings even wrote nasty memos to the Air Force when specific jets weren't available.

Now Pelosi has raised eyebrows again; not over her taxpayer-funded fleet, but over her taxpayer-funded office space. According to recent reports, Pelosi abandoned the district offices she's been in for 20 years for fresh new ones. The new office has 33 percent more space, but it will cost taxpayers 300 percent more: $19,000 a month for RENT! That's double the next-highest rent paid by a House member. This time, Pelosi's excuse for the price tag is her supposed security needs and better energy bills.

Since Democrats have run this government, millions of Americans have been foreclosed on, and millions more have houses underwater.

The program Obama's Democrats claimed would help keep people in their homes is a total bust. So with all that failure around, it's sure nice to see somebody is living large -- even though it's not on her own dime. She's living large on us. Typical liberal Democrat punk.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The U. S. Helps the Jihad Against Israel - imatexasbushie's Blog - Blogster

The U. S. Helps the Jihad Against Israel

Click the link above to see the diagram of the major Left Wing Progressive groups responsible for the Free Gaza marches and flotillas – "Your" President OBAMA Assists the Jihad Against Israel. So do BO's Czars and many other Left Wing Radical Marxists Islamic sympathizers! God help us!

Lone Star Lady - One Jerusalem