Missile Vs. Missile

Missile Vs. Missile

Friday, February 5, 2010

Obama Could Dump Biden for Clinton as VP in 2012

Democratic strategists say Obama doesn't need Biden for foreign policy issues anymore (No body needs Biden for anything! LOL)

February 5, 2010

Democratic strategists say that if President Obama's re-election prospects look shaky, he could dump Vice President Joe Biden from the 2012 national ticket and choose Hillary Clinton as his vice presidential running mate. (AHhhhhhhG)

It's inside-Washington speculation at this point, but the strategists make a good case for such a shift. "Biden was named in the first place to shore up Obama on foreign policy issues, and Obama doesn't need that anymore," says a former Clinton adviser. That's because Obama has learned the ropes and has assembled a strong foreign policy and national security team.

(What? Obama doesn't have a clue about foreign policy. He doesn't know anything about
a n y t h i n g! He's a thug!)
Elevating Clinton to the vice presidential slot would accomplish several objectives: It would appeal to female voters (not me) and the still-powerful cadre of Clinton admirers (not me), give Obama more of a pragmatic luster, and shunt the gaffe-prone Biden aside. (But, can Hillary Rotten Clinton read a teleprompter?) And it would theoretically discourage Clinton, a former senator from New York, from challenging Obama in the 2012 primaries, Democratic insiders say, because as vice president she would be considered Obama's heir for 2016. (OMG!) Clinton would be 69 that year, the same age as Ronald Reagan when he won the presidency in 1980.

As for Clinton, she has said that she doesn't plan to serve as secretary of state longer than four years, but so far she has expressed no interest in another presidential run. (Of course she's interested in being president. That's always been her goal). She was the favorite for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008 but lost to Obama after a long series of primaries and caucuses. A White House strategist attributed the speculation about Biden and Clinton to "cocktail party chatter" and said Obama is "very pleased" with Biden's job performance. (He's "pleased" with Biden because they are both the same ILK)!

I cannot wait for 2012 . . . to vote ALL of them out of office. Let's get this country back!